PowerG: Range Unmatched. Potential Unlimited.

PowerG: Range Unmatched. Potential Unlimited.

PowerG Where It Matters. Better Range, stable wireless communication over long range applications. Easy installation, easy configuration for smart locks with PowerG wireless communication. Reliable connectivity, reduce truck rolls by eliminating unstable wireless network connections. Attractive styling.



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Qolsys IQSWH-PG PowerG In-Wall Switch
Qolsys IQSKT-PG PowerG In-Wall Socket with 2 Outlets
Qolsys IQODP-PG PowerG Outdoor Smart Plug
Qolsys IQIDP-PG IQ PowerG Indoor Smart Plug-In Outlet
Qolsys IQDMR-PG PowerG In-Wall Dimmer Switch
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Qolsys IQDLK-PGK-MB PowerG Door LockQolsys IQDLK-PGK-MB PowerG Door Lock
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