Honeywell Home 5800PIR-RES Entry-Level Wireless PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity, 35' x 40' Range


Product Overview

The Honeywell Home 5800PIR Series Wireless Motion Detectors pack some big benefits into a sleek, compact design—including easy, flexible installation and programming, fewer service calls, reduced false alarms and much, much more. Choose from three versions designed to help increase your profits and average selling price, add more content per sale and expand your commercial wireless offering right now!

Main Features
  • 35' x 40' pattern
  • Installation is faster with no DIP switches or jumpers to set, an easy opening case with no PCB to install, no mounting height adjustments and an automatic walk test that lasts ten minutes on power-up
  • Pet immune to 80 lbs.
  • Enjoy fewer service issues thanks to the automatic walk test that automatically turns off, eliminating call backs due to low batteries caused by jumper setting of walk test on older designs
  • Includes longer-life, end-user replaceable batteries (38% longer than 5890PI)
  • The sleek, compact sensor can be custom-painted to match any interior—making it an appealing choice for end-users.