Hikvision AE-DC5013-F6 1600p HD Dashcam with Built-In Microphone and Speaker, Black

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Product Overview

 The Hikvision AE-DC5013-F6 HD Dashboard Camera is a high resolution automotive dash cam that features easy installation and operation. The device communicates with its phone app through built-in Wi-Fi. The built-in G-Sensor automatically locks the currently recording video when it senses a crash or strong vibration, to prevent it from being overwritten. MicroSD cards up to 128 GB are supported. The built-in mic and speaker records and plays back audio.

Main Features

  • High Resolution Up to True 1600p (2560 x 1600)
  • Wide Field of View Angle up to 130° Diagonal, 109° Horizontal
  • ?/1.6 Large Aperture Offers Crisp Night Imaging
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Wi-Fi AP Module
  • G-Sensor Module Supports Collision Detection and Incident Footage Protection
  • MicroSD Card Up to 128 GB Supported
  • Phone App for Setup, Live View, Recording Footage Search, Backup, etc.
  • Voice Control and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) Supported