DSC PG9939 PowerG Wireless 4-Button Panic Key, Key Fob

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Product Overview

Wireless PowerG 4-Button Key

The PG9939 Wireless PowerG 4-button key combines straightforward security system management with the added confidence of portable personal protection. The compact key lets users easily arm/disarm the system a or, if needed, call for help, when in close proximity to, or inside, a premise.

Visual & Audible Indications

The PG9939 Wireless PowerG 4-Button Key provides both visual and audible verification of the successful execution of any requested commands. The dual confirmation that the message has been executed by the security system offers 'peace of mind' to users.

False Alarm Reduction

The PG9939 is equipped with a full three-second activation delay on its panic function to help reduce false alarms, thus minimizing costly false dispatches caused by accidental activations. Additionally, the other keys incorporate a one-second delay to minimize false activations.