2GIG-STZ-1 700 Series Z-Wave Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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Product Overview

As the second-most added home automation product, you want a highly reliable, affordable smart thermostat in your bag. Packed with the latest features and technologies, 2GIG Smart Z-Wave Plus Thermostat (2GIG-STZ-1) gives your customers the utmost in comfort, control and convenience. Homeowners with a programmable thermostat also get a way to manage and lower heating, cooling, and energy usage costs anytime, anywhere – a powerful customer sales motivator helping you expand your customer base. If you’re tired of paying high energy costs and want more energy efficiency, smart thermostats are perfect for you. Replace your original home’s temperature control device with 2GIG Smart Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat to your HVAC system. As a dealer, you will appreciate its compatibility with most Z-Wave hubs and most conventional HVAC systems. This ensures seamless integration, saving you time and money with easier installation and decreasing the need for future service calls.

 Main Features

  • 700-series Z-Wave Plus support – Longer range wireless capability
  • Humidity sensing and control
  • SmartStart Support
  • S2 authentication security
  • Can be powered by an HVAC system’s 24VAC "C" wire